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I haven’t talked to you properly for at least a few months. I still love Tumblr and I have taken a step back for a bit, but I am still here! Change is slowly happening around me, as always, and spring is blowing in with new vibes off the ocean into my bedroom.
Iceland was a land of movement and magic and moss. I saw no stars but many sheep, slept almost six weeks in a tent and drank tea in the most magnificent of places. There were times on the rainy side of the road with my thumb out with no hitch hiker luck that I wondered why I was making life so hard for myself, but I accepted difficulty and discomfort more than I would have in my Melbourne life.
I fell in love with my friend that I was travelling with and being with him and being in the presence of glaciers was overwhelming. So much agelessness and strength and natural beauty in both of them! We sort of felt like one person with four legs. But he is from America and I am back in Melbourne alone with my drawings and buttery Vegemite toast, until our next adventure. Now you know what’s on my mind.
Uni feels like a little kid that I piggy back around. Kind of annoying and a little bit heavy but it also keeps me entertained. I am taking an elective in Writing Fiction which means that I just get to write stories and think of characters and observe human connections which is an awesome contrast to some of the dense computer work I had my head buried in last semester.
That is the basikkk low-dowwwn. Tell me of your days! 

being with him and being in the presence of glaciers was overwhelming

Caroline Larson - Mount Everest with Black and White Boarder

Worked out how to Matangize my pictures on photoshop

Head over to ESPN3 for the X-Games Men’s Skateboard Street Elimination starting now with our own Curren Caples in the running.
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The Overlook Hotel, the prequel to The Shining, finally has a director
"We are dying from overthinking. We are slowly killing ourselves by thinking about everything. Think. Think. Think. You can never trust the human mind anyway. It’s a death trap."

Anthony Hopkins

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