Y’s By Yohji Yamamoto.

For the French movie “La crème de la crème” Realized by Kim Chapiron

Feeling French in Paris
Paris is always a good idea. This photo was taken on a glorious March 2014 Saturday evening from Printemps, the flagship location of the famous French department store. It typifies what so many love about Paris: the pink light, the Eiffel Tower, the rooftops and the vastness of the city has something interesting around every corner. 
If only every day, one could see a sunset as beautiful as this. 
…deep thoughts from our ongoing French experience. Our Co-Founder is using Sixty Vocab to learn French while living in France for 4 months. Share her French language journey and come learn with us!  

8-Bit Ferrari by Brother Brain ★  Out Run (Game Gear) Sega 1991.